MSSC Smart Storage

MSSC is a modular system for the automation of custom-made parts factories, each part can be of different shape and materials.

MSSC is responsible for storing the semi-finished parts and moving them to the next processing station. It is the perfect complement to our CNC machines and robots.

It adapts to the needs of each customer!

Welcome to automation 4.0 in custom parts manufacturing!

Multilevel module storage 4 or 6 meters.

Roller lines up to 20 levels.

5 meters high.


Automated elevator to feed the multilevel modules.

In-line or parallel outlets.

Output lines to supply the stored parts to operators or to the different machines or robots in the factory.


Automatic system to rotate the piece and to be able to work on the back side of the piece.


Turbine with air curtain to dry the parts before storing them when they go through processes where the parts get wet.