Complete automation of kitchen countertop super factory. (Portugal)

Objective: To achieve the maximum degree of automation in the manufacture of granite and porcelain kitchen countertops, without stopping production during assembly and integrating some CNC machines owned by the customer.

The installation was phased, first an edge polishing robot was installed with the simple feeding of some trestles. The customer would simply load about 20 to 30 parts on the infeed rack into the system and the robot would polish them and leave them on the outfeed rack. Subsequently, an MSSC was installed to communicate the output of the cutters, the polishing robot and the milling machines. Finally, a robot was installed to load/unload 2 milling machines owned by the customer. Everything was integrated with the VTP software and communicated with the customer’s existing business management system.

Final result: The part is unloaded from the cutter directly to an incoming line to the MSSC, where it is stored and awaits its turn for the first step, which is polishing. The parts arrive at the polishing robot, which places them on the polishing bench and finishes the outer edges and returns them to the MSSC to be sent to the next station, the CNC milling machine for cutting and polishing the inner holes. A handling robot also automatically loads and unloads the cnc. Once the holes are made, the part is stored again in the MSSC until it is required from the end of line for quality control and packaging.

All manufactured parts are different sizes and materials.